inlingua® Method 
results in inlingua® experience and proven method of language learning has occurred with the application of our method, the validity of the center. inlingua® method is different from traditional teaching methods. The aim is to establish methods to increase confidence in speaking the target language is for communication. Method the student's writing and reading skills dramatically colitis is also seen in most conversational skills development. During the training only in the target language is spoken. 
The main purpose of the students to communicate in the target language of inlingua® method (speaking and understanding) is to provide. 

inlingua® method allows you to use before learning the target language. From the first course students begin to speak the new language by direct methods and uses 60% during the training of speech. Lessons proceed with building blocks to allow fluency in speech. Discussions, question and answer games, role plays, gestures, facial expressions and media-theoretical definitions and provides a confrontation with the language and content more actively than in practice. Students' active participation in the course is reinforced with proper use and comprehension exercises. Series presented by teachers and speech exercises step by step training objectives are achieved. 

1. A teacher only works in foreign languages. 
Students should start thinking as soon as a foreign language. Turn causes confusion and time-consuming to make. 

2. Give as much opportunity for teachers to talk to students during the course. 
The only way to learn a language is by speaking to students learning the language just like to hit it with a golf club golf golf ball started learning a person. 

3. Teachers orally a large part of the course and the way things work off the books. 
It is a known fact that using the language and learned by hearing. Therefore, the course students should use less during eyes. 

4. Instead of the teacher to teach the grammatical structures to teach single words (eg, word of how combined) focuses on. 
Language is not a word in the community. However, the word is a system of community. 

5. The teacher is so dominant that most of the sentences produced by the student's own teaching techniques will be correct. 

6. Teachers, students will determine the degree of knowledge before finding a method to make a decision or solution. 
Teachers, students must fill should build on the knowledge and deficiencies as soon as possible. 

7. The teacher keeps theoretical explanations to a minimum. 
It is unnecessary to know how to use car engine is running. Students should be able to remove the rule from the sample. 

8. The teacher encourages students to take a creative role in the learning process. 
The use of foreign language students need to be constructive and creative use of language. It is impossible to memorize numerous groups of sentences and words with the thought would need it one day. 

9. The teacher observes the principles of applied psychology. 
the purpose of language learning method I getirmektir.yönte inlingua® become as efficient and fun, according to the teacher to the student's individual needs, gives you the flexibility to adapt their own lives. Linguistic ability, motivation, openness and cultural features such as elements to be considered. 

10. The teacher combines the structural and functional approaches to language teaching. 
In language learning "structural approach" emphasizes the learning of grammar and language structures. "Functional approach" emphasizes how if he could express himself in situations encountered in daily life of the people. The most efficient teaching method is a combination of both approaches. inlingua® method teaches structure based on functional state.