Learn English with inlingua method

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The program was prepared by the Research and Development Center in Bern, Switzerland. Across the street from demands on foreign language education for inlingua® the ideal solution is the determining factor in a person's language learning goals. Therefore, in accordance with the needs of persons programs, number of courses, training programs and course hours of the order is important. Written and verbal language skills and needs analysis evaluated the individual being placed in the appropriate program objectives. 

Basic information necessary to be able to express themselves without any knowledge of the target language people are having with this program. 
Those who need to learn more words and grammatical structures benefit from the program. 
Opposite to that knowledge in the target language and simple way to express oneself events, programs can speak naturally and fluently. 

Language level, which can benefit from a good level, but those who want to gain confidence speaking in terms of the program. 
Language diversity can provide a superior mastery of ones expression using different structures of the language program.