inlingua® Istanbul 

inlingua® to Istanbul started its operations in 2003. The possibility of language training in our center is presented in a professional and comfortable environment. Identify students in need as a result of training and development programs are implemented in the target language. Switzerland in Bern International inlingua® all kinds of language problems with different program options prepared by the Pedagogical Committee resolved. 

Full and effective services for all kinds of help and support during the training period is served by us. Followed by the development of the student's language program in the necessary changes are made during training. From the first day of the training are taught to communicate in the target language, thinking directly in the target language is provided to prevent the student to translate. 


inlingua® International 
Center is located in Bern, Switzerland inlingua® International (International inlingua Sprachschule) was established in 1968. Inlingua®'n 310 centers worldwide, and has quality of service, which is an international language schools in 31 countries are certified by the competent authorities in many countries. 

Qualified teachers offers communicative language teaching method based on the inlingua® inlingua® using specially developed teaching materials. Students talk with teachers teaching in the mother tongue and learn to communicate effectively in a foreign language simultaneously. 

Each inlingua® language school is seen as an independent contractor in the field of language education itself. Common unifying features inlingua® brand and slogan, homogeneous firm model, unique teaching methods and pedagogy vehicles. inlingua® language training and other language services in the area is a symbol of quality. 

Take the measures necessary to be successful in their local markets while maintaining the individuality of each contractor besides the common features. 
inlingua® International School of Languages ​​inlingua® center is well managed by other schools to provide quality service and products to offer to all centers. 

Mainly inlingua® owners are responsible for their own school and developed the well managed. As the requirement of high quality education gives priority to investments in education. 
Inlingua® each center's own country due to the quality of service offered by the training and expertise inlingua® International is the main sponsor. 

1968 - inlingua® board on September 14 in Bern, Switzerland. The founding members are bound to have a group of experienced language school previously worked in independent schools and other language institutions. These persons acting with a common method and material, and they realize that the need for an international network of language schools can adapt to the local market. 

1971 - inlingua® increasing the number of English language centers in 95 European, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese language publications in language teaching materials. 
1972 - inlingua® license for North America, South America and Asia are given. 
1975 - inlingua®, to control their own teaching methods, to advise and coordinate the use of dry material development consisting of experienced language teachers from inlingua® world creates a Pedagogy Committee. Global network consisting of the most talented and regional differences in the use of language by experienced members to expand Pedagogy Committee will make a difference. 
1980 - inlingua® business determine the available material deficiencies and start seeing the increasing importance of English in order to prepare specific training materials for the business world. 
1989 - inlingua®, called APP (Professional Program) produces programs that focus on business English. This program is the first business-oriented language program developed by the institution of an international language. APP provides a common workspace for all inlingua® professional training centers in the world. This international businessmen, without any loss in terms of going where work assignments allows the other to transfer from one center. 
1991 - inlingua® 250nc opens the center. 
1999 - the number inlingua® Europe, North America and East Asia, Africa and New Zealand raises to about 300 language center. Books in 14 languages​​, offers educational materials including CD-ROMs and video tapes. 


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